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L2P Mentees

Referral is preferred if you wish to join the L2P program
L2P will enable learner members to complete a section of the Graduated Licensing System. The program assists learner drivers to complete a minimum of 75 hours supervised driving experience, which is certified and recorded by both the learner and the supervising driver(s). The experience must cover a variety of road conditions.

The L2P program is for individuals who meet three or more of the following criteria:

  • No access to a vehicle to complete his/her 75 hours of practical driving
  • No access to a supervisor who has held a South Australian full license for at least two years
  • Has completed at least three practical lessons with a Registered South Australian MDI.
  • Has a Competency Statement signed by your MDI verifying the 3 lessons and your competency.
  • This does not include the Keys2Drive Federal Government funded free lesson.

    Access to the program via referral.
    Referrals can come from organisations and agencies such as:

  • Community Service Providers
  • Regional Councils
  • Youth Accommodation
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Guardianship Board / Foster Parenting
  • Education and employment services and schools
  • Family member or friend
  • If you wish to apply or are not connected to any of the above listed organisations, please contact us for an interview in the first instance. At the interview please be prepared to talk openly as to why you wish to participate in the L2P program. A referral from one of the listed organisation will assist in your application.

    Please be aware that this program and any one hour practical driving experience you complete is not a session run by a registered driving instructor - it is a session only for recording your times in your log book.

    Prac Session

    Mentee Booklet: click to download

    All applications need to be completed on either of our three page L2P Murraylands Enrolment Form.

    Mentee Enrolment/Form/Application:

  • download Organisational Referred

  • download Self Referred

  • download Competency Statement

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